Curating campaign at a time

TCG will celebrate, empower and unite women by bringing awareness to the myriad of experiences of all women using creative outlets.

TCG will shatter stereotypes, challenge industry standards, and disrupt the accepted "norms". Women from all walks of life; age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion will be highlighted through controversial and creative initiatives.

Victory Jones

An American born, Jamaican bred recording artist and songwriter from New York.

Victory is a creative powerhouse with a flair for the eccentrics. Unafraid to be disruptive and honest, she is constantly challenging herself and others around her by pushing the boundaries or her art, by being bold and speaking truth.

She sees her art as not only as a means of expression, but as a tool of empowerment and change.

"Beautifully disrupting the status quo."

THE Colored  GIRL

Tori Elizabeth

An American born, Caymanian bred wardrobe stylist from Houston, Tx.

Tori is a visionary, who is able to see the beauty in the simplest of things. A true artisan who draws outside of the lines.

She has a passion for bringing awareness to the masses; by merging her conscious and creative sides.