She is not unshakeable but she is resilient.

She is not omnipotent, but she is strong.

She is not perfect, but she is beautiful.

She deserves to be accepted and celebrated just as much as anyone else. And she stands with those who have also been discriminated against because her empathy runs as deep as her love. It’s in embedded in her DNA.

She is fierce.

She is tender

She is intelligent and worthy.

She is The Colored Girl, reborn.

The "Colored" Girl: Debut

The "Colored" Girl: Rebirth

The Journey to the Crown

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The Colored Girl campaign will make the world aware of the beauty of the black woman in her
own skin. In showing the different angles, perspective and depths of the black woman; highlighting the regality of the beautiful creatures we are, namely our skin tone and hair choices! Our beauty needs to continue to be celebrated since it’s historically, socially, politically, culturally exploited and seen as “less than” by European/imperialist standards. Brown beauty shouldnot only be celebrated, but standardized and mainstreamed, since most of the world is actually brown. We are the majority, not the minority!

LOVE begins now.
HEALINGbegins now.
NEW STORY begins now.

Every woman has a story… one of trials, tribulations and triumphs.  The Journey to The Crown is a stunning multi-media campaign which focuses on seven “QUEENS” as they embark upon the retelling of their life stories of self-discovery by facing harrowing obstacles on the road to power, purpose, inner beauty, and self-love; to become the women they are today. Resilient, driven, compassionate, strong and ambitious, each of these women is more than what meets the eye, and also an inspiration for us all. They represent the reality of hope and determination in the flesh, while the crowns symbolize conquering and reigning over all obstacles, as well as the beauty that stems from taking control of one’s story.

This is the REBIRTH of the black woman… she stands before you awakened and ready, in all her crowning glory to reclaim her regality and be celebrated in equality. Through her journey of self-affirmation and self-love, she is no longer an after thought. She has rightly taken her place at the table and shall not be ignored. No longer will she be relegated to sub-par treatment. She stands up for herself and others in strength and love, to uplift those around her.

Having bared the brunt of societal woes, she recognizes and understands the plights of her other colored sisters, and as such calls upon them to also be awakened and stand with her in solidarity. Bonded together through the commonalities of those before her, she is now able to join forces with her sisters and blaze a trail for those just embarking on their journey as a Colored Girl.

On our quest to continue curating change, the Journey to the Crown (#JTTC), was created not only to bring awareness to women’s issues, using harrowing real-life narratives but also to promote the Journey to the Crown Experience, on February 10-11, 2017 in New York City. An immersive event hosted by CLASS Network, the experience is designed to establish a forum for women around the globe, to come together and celebrate their individual journeys to self-love and self-determination and healing, while utilizing these experiences to discover and fuel their own passion.