A highly disruptive, politically charged protest of black identity and culture in the current American climate.

African Roots in America

This campaign is an unabashedly, unapologetic celebration of blackness, and an ode to our African roots. All the featured models are of direct African descent (Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, South Sudan, Liberia), and all clothing is designed by African and African American designers. We felt it necessary to use our platform to express ourselves in protest, of our current political climate here in America.

Blackness: Identity as Protest

It seems that black people are all too often an afterthought in American culture, when we are in fact, such a large part of its very fabric! So to embody and assert our blackness we created this campaign comprised of stunning images of beautiful black men and women, coupled with (racially loaded) controversial and disruptive language, to inspire awe and hopefully spark a conversation about the history of OUR people in America, and what it means to be of African descent in this country.

African American: Blacklash
Campaign Video


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