Senegalese Tale

The Colored Girl's Khoudia Diop, reveals her Senegalese roots and culture.

“Growing up Senegalese”

Khoudia Diop dons traditional Senegalese garb and talks about her Wolof heritage, in this photo series entitled NYENYO. Until now, the unique beauty hasn’t spoken much about her Senegalese heritage, and aims to change that, with this ode to her family, and culture in this latest photo series. We asked her some personal questions about her family, Senegalese (Wolof) culture and what it was like growing up in Senegal.

“Ethnicity & Pride”

The series is titled after the name of the caste her family is from in Senegal. NYENYO, also known as “teug” or “ngengo”, are the blacksmiths and metalworkers of the Senegalese caste system. In her family’s case, they are jewelry makers and gold workers. A fact Khoudia is very proud of. Although caste systems are used as a stringent class system, and cultural identifier to maintain hierarchy in many different cultures in parts of the world, Khoudia embraces her NYENYO heritage and doesn’t see the label as a hindrance. Rather, she sees it as part of the fabric of her identity, her family’s history and the overall story of her people.

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