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The Beginning…

We began with only two women, but we’ve always had an impact in the community. What started as a conversation during a blizzard between friends, about identity and creating change, clearly became something more significant when we unveiled it to the world that fateful day on June 21, 2016. The success of our original debut campaign, that leveraged beauty & fashion to reach the minds and hearts of countless people sent a powerful message… and told a story. An important one that needed to be told; by women in a new and fresh way. It was a story of equality, empowerment, beauty, worth, and also exposure to important issues, and it reached millions! It was then that our intention to uplift, unite, and empower women of color quickly became our mission. One we have thoughtfully remained faithful to since, and informs every single thing we do at The Colored Girl, to this day and beyond.  

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We wanted to show the world, ourselves and our communities, that we deserve to be celebrated, that we are ALL beautiful, that we matter, that we are more than capable of shifting culture and creating long-lasting positive change. It began one campaign at a time, and is now happening one woman at a time.
— Tori Elizabeth, Co-Founder at The Colored Girl

That was three years ago, and a LOT has happened since then, and although our mission remains the same: we've grown! Our minds, hearts, experience & vision have expanded. So we are venturing into broader horizons, and digging deeper to serve women better, globally.

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We live for our mission, and it is the nucleus of everything at The Colored Girl. Literally EVERYTHING. We believe that in order to forge real, deep and true bonds amongst women of color to better be agents of change and really shift culture; we must work together and live the diversity & inclusion we seek from others… because true sisterhood is diverse & inclusive.
— Victory Jones, Co-Founder at The Colored Girl

WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY! And everything we've done or will ever do must be born of that love. We are here to serve the global community of women of color… To connect and unify, as a worldwide TRIBE. It is our purpose to nurture the tribe to thrive in the world today and transform the world tomorrow, and it's our vision to be the largest united global community of women of color in the world and to be your go-to platform for personal and professional wellness. 

At The Colored Girl, we know that no two sisters are the same — not even identical twins. True sisterhood is diverse. It’s also inclusive… we hold space for ourselves and our sisters.  No matter how different from us they may be; because at the core, we have more in common than we do differences. The differences amongst us should be celebrated, not used to discriminate against us. So we embrace our sisters, who are ALL WOMEN OF COLOR (Black, Latina, and Asian), and also those who support us.

Our goal is to galvanize an inspiring community of passionate, ambitious, and open-minded women, reshaping the world through the power of connection & sisterhood. Our entire team believes in the power of women supporting women; expanding our horizons, & investing in ourselves to manifest the lives we desire. We are FIRED UP to continue building TRIBE until we span the entire globe and reach every nook & cranny of it! !!
— Rachelle Daglis, Co-Founder at The Colored Girl
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We honor our purpose, carry out our mission, and serve our community according to these values. These pillars are the keys to how we support women to amplify their magic and walk more fully in their true power; and to be a greater resource to themselves and others and enhance their ability to love, learn and grow.

We are beyond excited that you've chosen to join us, and ever so grateful for your continued support. Here's to living authentically in our power, to building each other up, to changing our communities for the better... and to US! For being amazing women willing to take on the tasks necessary, to do it all. But most of all: Thank you.  

We love you,

The Colored Girl

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