Just Say NO, By Saying YES To YOU: #Boundaries

How to exercise boundaries as a tool of freedom in your every day life.

Boundaries are so important to self-preservation and living life more harmoniously. They help us to balance the ever compromising side of life in which (if you’re like me) we are constantly being pulled in a million different directions and have an energy expenditure that can quickly lead to a deficit, if not careful. AKA: burnout! By definition, a boundary is something that is limited, so how can we find our personal freedom, by limiting ourselves? Great question. Your quality of life is actually contingent upon what you say NO, as well as what you say YES to.

But how do we identify our needs and even begin to assert our boundaries in the first place? We recently saw a post by @alexundone on her Instagram Live about this very topic and we feel we couldn’t have said it better ourselves when it comes to boundaries, what they are, aren’t and how to flex them!

  1. Identify your needs: They might differ from person to person, but we all have needs. So take time to sit with yourself and figure out what those are. As yourself - what do I need to feel loved, supported, secure and peaceful? Once you figure that out make sure to prioritize these needs.

  2. Set your boundary: Boundaries must be set according to your unique needs. What parameters do you need to put into place that will allow you to prioritize and protect that that need? Set the intention to do so and be ready to practice them, starting with being vocal about your needs.

  3. Enforce your boundary: Communicate your needs clearly and stand your ground when it comes to them. Honest, clear and kind communication is always the first (and best choice), for asserting boundaries, However, we do understand that there are times when you may have to be a bit more assertive or stern with some folks who may not respect or understand your boundaries. And that’s ok too, just make sure your message is heard and continue to practice honoring yourself by exercising your boundaries, regardless.

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By definition

A boundary is a fixed thing. So how can we find freedom by embracing it?

The quickest way to say YES to yourself is to say NO to the things you do not want… or that do not serve your best interest. You’ll know by the way you intuitively feel inside if something is not a great fit for you. There’s usually a little voice inside that lets you know. Or that feeling of unease or high questionability that usually has you more swayed towards the “Nahhhh, this ain’t really for me” side. You know your own limits of what you can and cannot tolerate or do; what you want or don’t want. Even before anyone says anything. Honor that, and act accordingly by moving in ways that are conducive to you living YOUR best life in those moments. Whatever that may look like for you.